Meyer Karl

Der Erleuchtete


Original, galvanized with gold, bronze sculpture for sale. This is the first of only three sculptures.

At 21 moved to New York and stayed 15 years. Various shows.
Extensive trips to middle american countries as well as
Mexico. Lives with his wife Sabine and his 2 daughters in
Basel and Brazil.

One man exhibits:

1987 Galerie Littmann, Basel
– Kunstmuseum Thurgau
1988 Karl A. Meyer und Not Vital, Swiss Institute, New York
1989 Galerie Triebold, Basel
– Galerie Nicola Verlato, Bologna
1991 Galleria Grossetti, Mailand
1992 Galerie Triebold, Basel
1994 Karl A. Meyer im Atelier, Basel
1995 Bill Bace Gallery, New York
2003 KAM Ausstellungsraum Klingental, Basel
2004 KAM Das Rudel, Remise Bludenz

Groupshows: (selection)

1984 Barbara Braathen Gallery, New York
1985 Rosa Esman Gallery, New York
1986 Rosa Esman Gallery, New York
1987 Rosa Esman Gallery, New York
1989 Triebold Gallery, Basel
– Galerie Nova, Pontresina
1990 Galerie Jörg Hasenbach, Kunstrai, Amsterdam
2000 Pinacoteca Züst, Rancate, Percorso 2000
2001 Holzschnitt heute, Allschwiler Gemeinde
– Lichtfeld 1B, Basel
– Lichtfeld 1N, Nürnberg
2002 Lichtfeld 2B, Basel
– Lichtfeld 2N, Nürnberg
2003 Lichtfeld 3B, Basel!
2004 Lichtfeld 4B, Basel!
2005 Lichtfeld 5B, Basel!
2006 Schweizerische Triennale für Skulptur Bad Ragartz!2006
2007 Lichtfeld
2008 Lichtfeld
2010 Lichtfeld
2012 Lichtfeld
2012 Raum für Kunst, Raiding, Austria
2013 Hiroshi Hara und Karl A. Meyer, Loo Ling gallery,
– Raiding Foundation, Austria.
2013 Biennale Licht Feld, Basel, Switzerland
2013 Kunstfabrik Gross Siegharts, Wien


Auflage 1/3 (KM)

Höhe 35 cm

mit Gold galvanisierte Bronze


CHF 12'000.—

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